• Vision

    Entrepreneurial, non-conformist spirit. We push the limits for you. Learn more about Our Vision and Our Founder.

  • Quality

    Exhaustive controls. Accredited by international standards, we guarantee the quality and traceability of our products. No prosthesis has ever gone through so many inspections.

  • Team

    Professional and committed to the client, the dentist, and the patients’ health.

Our prosthetics go through exhaustive quality controls.


In Prosthetics not only
what you see is important

Behind every Procoven product is the work of an extensive team of chemists, engineers, prosthetists, 3D designers, ceramists... We bring together talent, youth, and experience. Procoven is committed to providing comprehensive training for our personnel to enable them to develop their full potential in their given field. Procoven offers outstanding professional opportunities for its team members, such as international mobility and participation in active scientific research projects.

Our business model focuses on technology but we never forget the importance of the people behind the equipment.


Procoven is committed to Product Quality

We work with top quality American and European materials in compliance with EU, FDA and Spanish Healthcare standards.

The companies of the Group are certified in accordance with the regulatory provisions of ISO 9001:2015 on Quality Management and ISO 13485:2012 on Quality Management in relation to Medical Devices.

The materials used are periodically submitted to the control checks of the Spanish National Centre for Metallurgical Research (CENIM) and the latest test reports are available for our clients to view.

Our commitment is your peace of mind.

INET Certified Management System CSQ ISO 9001 :2015 CSQ M€D ISO 13485:2012


Every prosthesis we create is the result of hard work, enthusiasm and quality, as well as vision

The vision of Procoven's CEO and Chief Technician, Olga San Román. Graduate in Chemistry, specialized in Biochemistry with more than 25 years of experience in the Dental Industry. Her career includes serving as CEO of Cendres et Metaux Ibérica S.A., Director of the Spanish Federation of Dental Prosthetics Associations and collaboration as an expert with the Healthcare Expert Commission European Commission. She also holds a Master's Degree in Senior Business Management (PADE) from the IESE and an MBA from the UPM.

"PROCOVEN was established with the objective of becoming a Multinational Company that incorporated the techniques, structure and strategies of the large Corporations in the manufacture and distribution of dental prosthetics. Assuring the quality and competitiveness of our product we shift the focus to service and brand quality, in order to support the growth of Odontology".

"Thus we offer the peace of mind and assurances of a large company in a made-to measure product".


PROCOVEN’s Prosthetics focus on sustainability between the laboratory-clinic-patient relations

We never compromise on quality or service and have successfully become one of the most competitive operators in the EU market.

Our products are subject to the European Union, FDA, and Spanish Healthcare quality filters, as well as our own in-house quality controls.

"The Official Institutions check that our products comply with current regulations, both at a medical/patient and procedural level. We thereby ensure maximum traceability and guaranteed peace of mind".

We perform four quality controls on each of our products and the required supporting documentation in order to guarantee traceability, thus our technicians are able to address any potential eventualities and involve the odontologist with regard to decision-making during the manufacturing process.



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